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Pillar of Salt / Richmond

The coffee at Pillar of Salt is just beautiful. Their blend is bright, light and creamy, a perfect accompaniment to breakfast and start to the day.

The menu is interesting, there’s some more recognisable dishes but also the unique and challenging like our first choice, the Sardines.

Fifty Acres / Richmond

 On Bridge road in Richmond, traditionally a haven for bargain shoppers you’ll find a delightful foodie surprise. Fifty Acres is a charming cafe with a wonderful atmosphere, sure to draw you in for a break from shopping!  The interior is absolutely stunning. It’s simple, a play on light with industrial fittings and sleek minimalist decor. The service made an equally good impression. The staff at Fifty Acres were friendly, polite and professional and put you in a great mood as soon as you sat down.We started the day with a couple of lattes. Once again we were impressed by what we received. The Dukes blend was creamy, rich, bright and punchy. It was a wonderful way to start our morning and we ordered a second each soon after. Our second brews were equally delicious and arrived promptly, another tick for the service. Our first dish was pumpkin pancakes which we chose to add a little crispy bacon to. In this dish the pumpkin acts more as a carrier of flavour and adds moistness, so don’t be put …

Top Paddock / Richmond

Top Paddock in Richmond is a breakfast venue we’ve been keen to visit ever since we moved over to Melbourne and we finally made it. Lines are something we’ve really tried to avoid. Coming from Perth as long as you got up at a reasonable hour you tended not to have to wait, even at the more popular venues. Unfortunately there was no way to avoid a queue at Top Paddock! By arriving before 9.30am we managed to beat the worst of it and after about 15 minutes were at a table watching the line get larger and larger. Lucky for those waiting, Church St is a delightful area. There’s a wonderful array of designer interiors and furniture stores and it’s a joy to take in the sheek cool of Richmond.We didn’t mind having a seat outside, as it gave us a chance to take in the greenery directly across from the restaurant, although it would have been nice to get a glimpse of the interiors. We were nice and warm with the heater and …