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Little Matcha Girl / Como

We loved the idea of a little cake shop in Como, specializing in Matcha and delicious Blacklist coffee. It’s even better when you arrive and find this beautiful shop, a small, but light, bright and clean space with elegant touches throughout and a light wood and white finish. The accents of green and paper cranes on the ceiling will have you pulling your camera out for a quick shot before you know it – don’t worry they’re used to it!


Manic Espresso Como

On a quiet street in the heart of Como you’ll find Manic Espresso. On a Sunday morning it holds the early birds sitting with their paper and fur children out the front and more serious diners as you head indoors. Inside is open, light and airy. The cafe is a bit modern, a mix of wood and dark tones with flowers and art that really stand out. You’ll need to wander over to the counter to make and pay for your order and here’s water to serve yourself should you desire it. We ordered our usual lattes but really didn’t enjoy the coffee. It was burnt and not very nice so instead of dwelling we’re going to move straight on to the food. First up was the cluck and the pig, a bacon and egg breakfast burger. It had the things you look for in a breakfast burger, bacon, eggs, mayo and a bit of greenery to make you feel it’s healthy! While this was tasty, it was exactly as you would expect and nothing …

Dux Como

Dux is nearby and so on a lazy Saturday morning we headed over to check it out. Inside filled with shades of blue and cozy, appealing furniture with a wide bar in front of the kitchen. It was surprisingly quiet, but many of tables were already reserved. We were seated and served quickly, and started with drinks. Our tea arrived, surprising us by being in a plunger. It was a lovely English breakfast. Our latte came in a large glass with a good micro foam on top. It was a decent coffee and temperature, though perhaps a little over extracted. As a coffee lover I could go for a smaller glass and better flavour. We ended up waiting a long time for our meals, despite there being so few people at the restaurant. Wait times of half an hour is extreme when you only have three couples seated, one of whom is already eating. We were getting more and more disgruntled as we waited, and were sure we wouldn’t enjoy the meals once they arrived. …

Ley Street Cafe

Nestled on Ley Street and strangely opposite a service station you will find Ley Street cafe. The cafe has a welcoming feel, and is filled with the comforts of home, including child friendly amusements, and an eclectic arrangement of furniture. Their kitchen is unique, allowing diners to watch the chef cook. It is initially strange but there’s something great about seeing your food being made before your eyes. There’s no pretense of fine dining, just fantastic simple foods and great flavours. We must confess to being enthralled by the option to order a ‘bucket’ of coffee, and were a little disappointed that it didn’t come in an actual bucket. We liked the idea of it more then the reality. It was an awful lot of coffee for even the most hardened caffeine fiend. The coffee itself was pretty standard, the foam was good considering its size, though it was a bit hot (and held the heat for ages because it was so damn big). At $4.50 it was very cheap for the amount of coffee …