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Belleville: Poultry Slam Vol 2 / Event July 16th

It’s CHICKEN v CHICKEN at the Belleville this July! Bluebonnet BBQ chef and owner Chris Terlikar has thrown down the challenge for a BBQ chicken themed cook off. Craft brewer La Sirene has taken up the call and is providing beer matching for the event. Bluebonnet is bringing is USA BBQ, while Belleville’s own Jarrod Moore, Montrice Shumpert and Slash Vala have the Asian fusion we know and love. It’s three courses each of chicken deliciousness! P.s. There’s rumours chicken cracking may even be used in a dessert… When:  July 16th 12pm – 6pm Where: Globe Alley, Melbourne CBD What: A chicken cook off with beer matching. Want more info? You’ll find it here!

Belleville / Melbourne CBD

   Some of the greatest pleasures in the food scene are to be found in places you’ve probably overlooked. There’s a joy in finding your way to beautiful and unique places and feeling like you’re sharing in a secret with other diners. Belleville certainly has this allure for us. It sits above a bank on Swanston and Little Bourke, you’ll need to walk past and down the alley. When you see the X you’re in the right place, just make your way up the stairs!  It’s raw around the edges in the right sort of way. It’s a ramshackle sheek that means there’s always something to catch your eye.   We wandered through until we found a table we liked the look of, pondering the menu and heading to the bar to order. We were momentarily distracted by a person with a very well behaved dog waiting patiently at their feet but couldn’t be dissuaded from our task. The menu at Belleville is mainly about the rotisserie chicken, a fusion of American and Asian influence makes for an …