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Little Matcha Girl / Como

We loved the idea of a little cake shop in Como, specializing in Matcha and delicious Blacklist coffee. It’s even better when you arrive and find this beautiful shop, a small, but light, bright and clean space with elegant touches throughout and a light wood and white finish. The accents of green and paper cranes on the ceiling will have you pulling your camera out for a quick shot before you know it – don’t worry they’re used to it!


Margaret River Chocolate Factory / Margaret River

  If you’re around the South West region of WA you absolutely must visit the Margaret River Chocolate factory. It’s a haven of sweet chocolate delights and the beautiful day we visited only amplified its charm.  There’s an abundance of chocolate treats as well as the tasters on offer. The big metal bowls overflowing with pastelles gives you plenty of opportunity to try their chocolate. It feels generous. There’s no staff hovering over them and plenty of people sheepishly returning for another spoonful or two. When the chocolate is this good you can’t really help it and we made sure to sample everything.  The store is full of chocolate. There’s actual chocolate, chocolate truffles, every flavour of chocolate you could envisage and chocolate themed body products, homewares and gifts. We went home with a selection of chocolates as gifts and for ourselves and a chocolate scented candle. The prospect of of our apartment smelling as good as the Margaret River Chocolate Factory was too hard to resist! If you’re still hungry after gorging on free samples (don’t worry …

Whisk Creamery / Subiaco

 Ice cream is a universally acknowledged form of sweet, creamy goodness. It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t enjoy ice cream, most people have fond memories of soft serve cones from their childhood. Whisk Creamery brings all that nostalgic goodness and more to their Subicao ice creamery. The atmosphere is quiet and relaxed. The soft serve machines take up much of the back wall but you’ll want to take a second to peruse the menu – it’s more than just soft serve cones on offer!    We took a seat towards the back and took our time on the menu, you can’t rush difficult decisions after all! We think we picked some winners and headed back to the counter to place our orders.  First up, the caramello. The milkshake that makes other milkshakes jealous. It was old school, caramel popcorn, chocolate crumble good. When it looks this good could you really expect any less? Our first choice from the menu was the mountainous passion berry pavlova. A light passion fruit meringue was topped with a tangy raspberry sorbet, a …

Chu Bakery / Highgate

When a new bakery opens, we want to be there – even if we’re on the opposite side of the country! On a recent visit to Perth we made the just opened Chu Bakery in Highgate one of our first stops.Β We heard they’d been serving up some pretty delectable treats and went early to see what was on offer. Even arriving when we did there were people filling up the small space.Β Β There were also croissants on the counter, even a Kaya croissant which I didn’t notice until after placing my order and which were too crowded by people to get a photo of. I’ll know what to go for on my next visit! We were comforted by the presence of a barista we’d seen all over town, slinging coffee at Small Print and Maven Espresso on the other side of the counter. We went with a a couple of sweet treats and coffee… For research purposes, obviously!Β Our latte was made from Dukes beans. A creamy, balanced and slightly sweet brew, it was an unexpected pleasure …