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Breakfast in Thornbury

Short Round | Thornbury

We always love a timeless reference to an absolute classic, so it only makes sense that our morning meal at Short Round (a beloved character from Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom) was definitely well loved. Having been eager to explore more options for breakfast in Thornbury and Northcote, we ventured up High Street and happily decided on the quite simple looking exterior (little did we know how gorgeous the side of the building was, fully taking in the heritage of the locale). Early on a Sunday, there were always going to be seats, but the interior space was surprisingly large, with lots of nooks and crannies (though it did fill up quite quickly as our meal wore on). Nice modern touches blend well with vintage themes, and the amount of greenery present paired with the wooden elements very nicely. Coffee came quickly and deliciously of course, as one expects this day and age. With the number of killer coffee shops around the area, this is a simple non-negotiable. But it was creamy and …