Don’t judge a meal by its Instagram

I see you’ve stumbled upon my mostly food blog, I’m fairly new to the scene and feel this is the moment for a little blogger introspection. Humour me a moment!

Like anyone with a camera phone and social media these days, I take great pleasure from photographing what goes from the plate and into my mouth. But now having started to actually think, talk and blog about food I’ve started to query what value we place on photographs.

Does a photograph tell you how it tastes? Well sort of. We can look at an image and make assumptions based on what we see, but this doesn’t make our estimation anymore accurate. The same goes for writing, I can describe to you in great depth what I ate, flavour combinations, aroma, texture, but this is no substitute for actually tasting it yourself. Sure I’m guiding you in a better direction then picture alone – but there’s no guarantees I’m a good re-teller, or you will be able to presume well enough even if I am.

The irony is I write this as someone with a healthy Instagram and Facebook account littered with food photos and a blog articulating on the very topic. I am not blind to this, just felt the need to explore it further in the context in which I operate.

For example take this image above, looks delicious right? Unfortunately it just didn’t live up to scratch, it was bland the eggs a little underdone and frankly impractical to eat and horrendously expensive (don’t worry I won’t name where I bought it). A perfectly delicious appearing meal is frankly not what it seems.

I guess what I’m trying to say is try everything you can yourself. See images and words as a guide and a guide alone, don’t just take my word for it. My taste is different to yours, and pictures though they tell a thousand words give little insight into taste. Sort of like the amazing Ferrari you see at the dealership, sparkling and beautiful on the outside, but when the bonnet is open there’s no engine – a pretty picture, is just that pretty.

But hey – if you trust me come share some food with me, continue to follow the blogging, eating, exploring, cultural experience that is frenchtoastandindiepop. I pledge to you now that I’ll only include honest food reviews from places I have genuinely enjoyed (my mother always said if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all) with the odd splattering of a few outside interests such as music, pop culture and nail polish.

Perhaps I should have shared this a little earlier but late is better then never and I can guarantee there will be plenty of French Toast to come.

Eat. Drink. Blog. Repeat.

While we’re here is there anything you want to see or not want to see?

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