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Heresy / Melbourne CBD


As I observed in my review of Shamble Coffee Brewers, getting a job in a new part of town opens up experiences and opportunities that were previously hidden to you. Wandering during a lunch break, I came upon a very foodie little laneway, Equitable Place, a spot that I had walked past numerous times without giving too much thought. But this narrow pathway linking Collins and Little Collins Streets is absolutely teeming with breathtaking Melbourne CBD coffee options. I decided to try one of the newer offerings in the space, Heresy.

Coffee in the Melbourne CBD is an increasingly competitive market place, and Heresy can roll with the best of them. Their very small space consists of a couple of small tables and stools outside, along with their glorious shop sign, before venturing upstairs into a magnificent ash-wood, white walls, and abundant greenery-filled space. “We’ll Turn You On” reads their neon sign, and I don’t doubt it.

I have issues with the way people hear my name ( or maybe it’s the way I say my name), but it shows just how brilliant these guys are that over the course of three separate visits, they remember me every time, because of the initial confusion over my name. Their coffee is roasted by Rosso Roasting Co., in Tullamarine, along with weekly featured filter roasts from some of Melbourne’s most amazing coffee producers (including Padre and Code Black Coffee). The coffee comes out hot and fast, just the way I like it.

Food options are sparse but suit the space, featuring lots of green salads, chock-full of seeds and nuts, with all options being almost entirely too good for you. They also have small, homemade parfaits, with yoghurt, chia, and fresh fruit too. If you want to sit and take a breather with your coffee and your food, there is are a few seating options, including one overlooking Equitable Place; it’s a really lovely way to enjoy your break.

There is a rare attitude at Heresy that is sorely lacking in a number of city brewers: joy. These guys are genuinely thrilled to be slinging some of the finest cups of joe in the city, and I applaud them for this. I can’t recommend them enough, and this cafe should be on THE list for any discerning individual keen for some Melbourne CBD coffee.


Check out their Insta + FB pages for all the Heresy news from the heretics themselves, check out our Frenchtoastandindiepop Facebook and Instagram pages for all of our sweet wanderings, and read up on our other reviews at the website: www.frenchtoastandindiepop.com.

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