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Twin Peaks x Gelato Messina / Richmond

“Je suis une âme solitaire” – Various. Twin Peaks.

Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one who loves Twin Peaks AND food. My love of damn fine coffee and cherry pie that’ll kill you knows no limit. If someone asks would I like some pie, the only appropriate response is massive, massive quantities. And coffee? As black as midnight on a moonless night, please.


How wrong am I?! Come fire walk with me when I tell you that for one day only Gelato Messina in Richmond will be converting into the Double R diner to celebrate the release of the new season of Twin Peaks.

They’ll be offering up three different types of limited edition ice cream, churned exclusively for the event, and the first 50 log ladies and gentlemen in line will receive a special ice cream cherry pie.


It’s been 25 years, the owls are still not what they seem, and that gum you like has officially come back in style, so what are you waiting for?!


Seriously, I am so excited for this!


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