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Tokyo Tina / Windsor

 Tokyo Tina is one of three Asian eateries along with Hanoi Hannah and Saigon Sally,  with a reputation for being both incredibly cool and delicious. You’ll find Toyko Tina up Chapel Street in Windsor, an area with countless great eateries, shopping and bars. There’s really something for everyone.      We visited for lunch, finding plenty of people had the same idea and more than a few enjoying a cocktail and D&M with friends over their meal. We loved the feel of the venue, you could go for a casual lunch like we did, or dress up and turn it into a real occasion.    We started with pot stickers, caramelised and full of flavour, following them up with DIY beef rib bao. Bao are always delicious, quite messy, but the bun and filling always satisfying. Somehow it’s even better when it’s beef rib and you get to watch the meat fall off the bone as you load the bun up yourself. We loved the sticky sauce with the tender meat and the punchiness of the pickle with the creamy mayo. There was so much meat we could have easily made four buns, choosing instead to greedily overload two. We would wholeheartedly recommend these starters!

For mains we ordered ramen, because ramen   The first was the Spicy Pork, a miso base with corn, mushroom and seaweed. It was a rich and punchy soup with a beautiful miso base. The spice was the sort of warmth that builds over time, growing and catching you unaware. Conplemenyed by thin and meaty slices of pork, this was a huge serving of a delicious soup.   Our second ramen was a lighter, fresher soup which was all about the chicken. It had a subtle warmth without much spice and a good serve of noodles and chicken mince. I’m more of a miso ramen kind of person, but for a lighter broth and a more accessible meal the chicken is probably a better way to go. 

Tokyo Tina is a restaurant where anyone and everyone can enjoy great Japanese The modern and stylish interior will entice the instagrammer crowd but the delicious food is what keeps them coming back. Toyko Tina is well worth a visit and a giant bowl of ramen!

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