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Little Matcha Girl / Como

When our favourite from Sprolo, Stefanie, went and did her own thing we knew we had to visit as soon as we were back in Perth. We loved the idea of a little cake shop in Como, specializing in Matcha and delicious Blacklist coffee. It’s even better when you arrive and find this beautiful shop, a small, but light, bright and clean space with elegant touches throughout and a light wood and white finish. The accents of green and paper cranes on the ceiling will have you pulling your camera out for a quick shot before you know it – don’t worry they’re used to it!

 If you’ve missed the matcha bug you’re in for something quite special here. Matcha is sort of like a green tea powder, but with a super intense flavour. If you thought regular green tea was strong then this one might surprise you. The intensity comes from the shading of the green tea plants prior to harvesting, resulting in a much deeper green leaf and when dried and ground to a powder, the highest quality matcha. Traditionally used in tea ceremonies, in thick and thin tea styles, more modern uses have turned this bright green powder into cakes and treats and the very popular coffee alternative, matcha lattes. Little Matcha Girl is well known for both its cakes and brews inspired by matcha.  We went for a Blacklist coffee though, taking our matcha in cake form on this occasion. Of course the coffee was delicious, perfectly extracted, rich and full bodied. Just what we’d expect from Stefanie and her team – these girls know speciality coffee!   Unable to pick just one or two things from the menu, we went with three to share! The best way to eat them is from least intense in flavour to most, preserving the subtlety and balance in each cake as much as possible.  First up was a nice and light option, a layered cake with lychee and raspberry, a raspberry crumb and delicate meringue. This was definitely the lightest and most refreshing choice, with a mildly sweet flavour and a creamy, yet still airy texture.   We also tried the Swiss roll, a light sponge, fresh strawberry mousse and topped by a vanilla bean cream. It was beautifully fresh, full of flavour and creamy, without heaviness or losing the vibrancy of the filling. A dessert like this needs to be perfect, and this lovely sponge really was!

Finally, we had the matcha and dark chocolate opera cake. Layers of distinct dark chocolate and matcha, with unique textures in each. Both flavours are intense but work really well together, the matcha cutting through the heaviness of the dark chocolate and the chocolate cooling the bitterness of the green tea.

We adored Little Matcha Girl! We’d be in real trouble if we still lived in Perth, the call of the cakes and coffee would be too much to resist!

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