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Why I’m Living Below the Line in May

This year I’m Living Below the Line.

Running a food blog, I spend an awful lot of time eating, thinking about and writing about food. I’ve always felt lucky to be able to eat out and indulge in delicious meals but have taken it completely for granted that I would go to bed with a full stomach each night.

Just putting food on the table is almost impossible for those living on the poverty line. There’s no breakfast out, no morning coffee, no sneaky 3pm chocolate when you need a pep up at work.

1.2 BILLION people live on less than $2 a day ALL THE TIME. The least I can do is try it for 5 days.*

Living Below the Line is a chance for me to do something for those who haven’t been as privileged as I have. I’m starting my fundraising by donating $25 – what it might cost for a coffee** and a meal*** at a cafe on a Saturday morning.

So help me help others, come have ‘virtual brunch’ with me and donate to my LBL efforts! Find my profile and donate here!

* I make no promises that I won’t be hangry while doing it.

** Seriously, how am I going to survive without coffee?

*** AND no french toast – that’s how committed I am!

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