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East Elevation / Brunswick East

I would wonder what’s behind the red door as I pass it each and every time. I’d heard whispers of a chocolatier, and others of coffee and meals to delight the senses. Not knowing which of the little birds to trust my only course of action was to check it out for myself.

We arrived at 8.30am on the dot, when such places were said to open, and found it strangely quiet. Apparently Melbournians don’t brunch this early, or perhaps we had indeed stumbled upon the chocolatier. As it happens both little birds were correct, this was both home to Monsieur  Truffle, chocolatier and East Elevation, a popular brunch spot. We’d clearly stumbled upon a combination  dreams are  made of. East Elevation is a nicely converted warehouse with a cafe on one side and chocolate making facilities on the other. It has high ceilings and a front window that light just floods through, the raw red brick walls giving it an edgy feel and just what you’d expect from a Brunswick East eatery.

The staff were a little aloof, borderline surly even at our enthusiastic arrival, right on open time, but seemed to work into the day as the brunch rush really started to get going.
Being just down to road we weren’t surprised East Elevation use the locally roasted, Padre coffee. Their brews are always interesting and we loved the rich flavours and creamy mouthfeel.

The menu had plenty of delicious sounding meals to choose from, as well as a good mix of savoury, sweet, light and richer selections.Out first choice was the big breakfast. We were initially not particularly impressed with the small serving size but everything  just tasted so fantastic we couldn’t help but change our minds. The thick cut bacon was a definite highlight, there’s nothing that really compares with a hunk of whole hunk of smokey bacon. We also really enjoyed the creamy eggs and well buttered serve of toast.
We opted for a lighter sweet treat this morning, ricotta crepes with seasonal fruits. Blueberry is one of our favourite berries, and it’s a perfect match for the creaminess of the ricotta and the sweet syrup. The dish really needed the added textural crunch of the nuts and the freshness of the berries to elevate from just crepes to something rather special. It was a perfect treat for when you want a treat without the richness and heaviness of some of the more indulgent breakfasts we’ve eaten around town.

East Elevation is a Brunswick experience you have to try for yourself!

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  1. This is one of my favourite Brunswick spots! I hope you picked up a bar of the wonderful Truffe chocolate on your way out.

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