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Fifty Acres / Richmond

 On Bridge road in Richmond, traditionally a haven for bargain shoppers you’ll find a delightful foodie surprise. Fifty Acres is a charming cafe with a wonderful atmosphere, sure to draw you in for a break from shopping!  The interior is absolutely stunning. It’s simple, a play on light with industrial fittings and sleek minimalist decor. The service made an equally good impression. The staff at Fifty Acres were friendly, polite and professional and put you in a great mood as soon as you sat down.We started the day with a couple of lattes. Once again we were impressed by what we received. The Dukes blend was creamy, rich, bright and punchy. It was a wonderful way to start our morning and we ordered a second each soon after. Our second brews were equally delicious and arrived promptly, another tick for the service. Our first dish was pumpkin pancakes which we chose to add a little crispy bacon to. In this dish the pumpkin acts more as a carrier of flavour and adds moistness, so don’t be put off if you aren’t a huge pumpkin fan. Adding the bacon may not have been the most inspired choice, we found it tended to dominate the flavour, fighting the orange mascarpone on the palette. These are just small comments, we actually loved the dish, and it’s presentation on the plate was quite lovely. Not able to resist another sweet choice we also tried the brioche French toast, served with a Nutella smear, peanut brittle, crusted banana, strawberry compote and a citrus mascarpone. With so many flavours it’s hard to see how they could all work, but it just does. It’s a delicious hit of flavours and textures in every mouthful. We loved the sweetness of the strawberry, the creaminess of the mascarpone, the rich and nutty smear of Nutella and the lightly crisp French toast. The serving size was perfect too, each element able to balance the others without dominating and enough to fill you without becoming too sweet or rich. This was simply a knockout dish.

Fifty Acres have something really special going on and we can’t wait to return for more!

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Fifty Acres Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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