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El Burro / Williamstown

 In Williamstown, right across from the scenic bay you’ll find a lovely little tapas venue – El Burro. For our Western Australian readers think a Fremantle vibe, close to the water, relaxed and chic but still in the inner suburbs and within 20 minutes of the CBD. It’s a beautiful pocket of the world and full of eateries to discover!  We visited relatively early on a Sunday night, and while initially quiet, the tables filled as the night drew on. El Burro do a pretty fantastic sangria, fruity, rich and refreshing. It’s certainly worth getting a jug to share!  We started with a Guacamole. We were a little disappointed it was served with the tomato and avocado separate, and it made for some difficult serving maneuvers to get from plate to mouth! Our next choice was the Pork Belly with crackling and manchengo. Pork belly can be an incredibly tricky dish to get right but this was just lovely. The crackling had a satisfying crunch, the meat was tender, with a slight chewiness. The dish was pulled together with the sweetness of the manchengo.  Next up was a Dry Aged Beef served with bread slices. It was a super thin cut of meat, perfect over the equally thin bread. The meat really shone, a rich and full flavour from the aging process and something you keep reaching for more of.  We also went for a Potato and Caramelised Onion Pizza. It was crispy with a thin base but the potato itself was just too soft. For this dish to work it really needs to be firm enough to hold its shape and not crumple when you bite down. We also would have preferred a bit more caramelisation on the onion, it needs a bit of colour to it! Our next dish was a Fried Pickle, served hot with a light crunch and bursting with juices as you bit down. Next up was some Popcorn Chicken, a tender chicken in a spicy saucy. It was well seasoned with a good batter but we found it a little too greasy for our tastes. Unfortunately we really weren’t impressed with the calamari, the batter had mostly come off and it was rather chewy. It unfortunately needed to be executed better and we’d expect a larger serve for the price.

El Burro also have some desserts, so we opted for something the table could share, white chocolate and raspberry croquettes. It was a great combination, with a deliciously oozing centre and a light, crunchy pastry. A quick sweet treat to share around the table  and finish up the meal.

El Burro have a nice atmosphere and decent food. Their location is an absolute winner, right across from the water showcasing the best Williamstown has to offer.

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