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Shifty Chèvre / Fitzroy

In the heart of Fitzroy on the ever cool Brunswick St, is the holy grail for cheese lovers, the Shifty Chèvre!  The Shifty Chevre is a cool little spot that’s more of a night-time bar destination, but we were pleasantly surprised that they also do breakfast. As far as we’re concerned it’s always time for cheese and the more the better! This is a restaurant that’s all about the cheese. Even so it has a lovely atmosphere with light windows and dark corners. There’s plenty of space and something quirky to take in wherever you look.We loved the cheese knifes with breakfast – it’s such an elegant piece of cutlery. Dare I say it again? This venue is all about the cheese!The coffee here was okay, nothing exciting and a bit hot and over-extracted for our tastes. Coffee doesn’t really seem to be their thing.Croque monsieur’s however are! It’s basically the ultimate toasty, served with a bechamel sauce on top and with loads of cheese inside. This particular beauty was a mix of three indulgent cheeses, as well as bacon and egg. It had a rich and meaty flavour with delicious, creamy bechamel on top. The toast was thick but well cooked and easy to cut.Finally another croque monsieur – this time filled with a goats curd, honey and ham. A delightful combination of sweet, rich and creamy flavours which made for a heavenly mouthful. It was complemented by a smear of home made balsamic on the plate, a light bite to cut through the richness of the cheese. Like the bacon and egg toasty this was an utterly indulgent breakfast, so creamy and a huge serving.

We were tempted to return for lunch after viewing the menu but found ourselves so full from breakfast that we were satiated for the rest of the day. Cheese lovers this is a venue not to be missed!

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  1. Oh my goodness I love cheese.. I would be bummed at their coffee but I don’t really have coffee with cheese. I would probably have a cool drink and more cheese :-p

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