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Asado / Claremont

We spent a lot of time in Claremont before we moved and coming back we were delighted to discover Asado had opened in our absence. It’s a long and narrow venue, inviting you in with the allure of space and modern sheek decor.    We went all the way through to the back for the intimacy of the lounge and the view to the garden. The cafe was empty when we arrived but people began to filter through soon after. The staff were initially attentive but seemed to forget about us tucked in the back corner. We eventually had to walki back to the front to get the attention of someone to get our order taken. Not the best start to our meal but we persevered. When our latte arrived it was hot but rich with a wonderfully fruity flavour. The table staff needed some work but we can’t fault their barista.When you’re offered the opportunity to have steak and chips you take it, the egg on it is really just for show… We knew this meal was just a sneaky pub meal pretending to be breakfast! We loved the char on the steak and how tender the meat was. The first bite was a little fatty but the rest were lovely and there was no need for a steak knife. The chips were well done with a lightly sweet and tangy salsa to add a hit of freshness. We also sampled what I’m going to nickname the donut French toast. It was perfectly cooked French toast, light with a crispy finish. Completely coated in cinnamon sugar, this French toast had the sweet, indulgent taste of a hot donut. It was a dish refreshing for its focus on the toast, but there was also notable accompaniments including fresh strawberry, peanut brittle and a caramel mascarpone. The peanut brittle was a bit of a miss, just too hard too eat, but we love the freshness of the strawberry. Overall this was a delightful and surprisingly good breakfast.

Beat the queues at Typika and give Asado a try for brunch in Claremont!

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