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Lamonts / Smith Beach

 When down South in Western Australia you’ll want to make the most of the proximity to its beautiful beaches and Lamont’s is just perfect to soak it all in. It’s such a chic location, the beach comes inside with you – just as the tourists and locals wander in straight from the water, shoeless and bronzed. Why wouldn’t they – with a beach like this just a couple of minutes walk up the road! When you’ve finishing soaking up the view you’ll need to grab yourself a table and place your order at the counter. We started with coffees. There was no attempt at latte art but we found the coffee quite good considering the isolation of our location. It was probably a bit over extracted but full bodied with creamy milk.  Our first meal was a simple bacon and eggs to which we added some hash browns. Both the bacon and eggs were very well cooked and we loved the addition of the dill. The hash brown was crisp and tasty. This was a simple dish, but everything on the plate was cooked as it should be and that can surprisingly hard to find. We also tried the berry and mascarpone pancakes. It arrived looking like a perfect stack you’d find in a cookbook. We honestly can’t rave enough about delicious these golden and light pancakes were, and with that maple syrup to be soaked up. We would have liked more berries to go with the pancakes and the creamy vanilla mascarpone but that’s the only thing that could have improved this dish.

Lamont’s are a must visit cafe for breakfast and you may also want to try their restaurant for a bit more fine dining cuisine!

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