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Maddox / Brunswick

Among the litany of cafes on Sydney Road you’ll find Maddox. It’s a charming little cafe with some older and more modern touches.

 The front room opens out into a larger back room with a wonderful staircase wrapping around its edges. There’s some art and furnishing with just a bit of character. We loved the roughed up feel, it’s old school charm that makes us feel right at home. It would once have been a delightful house.We started with lattes. We’ve had nice coffees here previously but this one was too hot and borderline over extracted. A shame really! We also tried the more unusual peanut butter hot chocolate. It was rich, creamy and full of flavour. Not to mention being served with peanut m&ms you could dunk or simply eat. If you’re keen for a unique hot chocolate this may be exactly what you’re looking for! We started our meal with a light granola. It was served with a mix of fruits, including strawberry, apricots and fig. The granola itself didn’t have much flavour but it was wonderful with a mouthful of everything and comfortably filling.We also went for the passion fruit hot cake special. What we loved about this dish was that these were what you always hope you will get when you order hot cakes. They were large, browned and soft without succumbing to a doughy centre or simply being large pancakes. This was a very sweet dish, predominantly a tart sweetness and more of the creamy yogurt would have created a better balance. The presentation was pretty and delicate.

Maddox offer a quiet escape from the hum of Sydney road. While they don’t have a substantial breakfast menu, keep an eye on their specials board for something delicious!

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