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Chin Chin / Melbourne CBD

 Ever wonder what it is exactly that gets diners queuing outside a restaurant before open time? The line that can snake down the block that makes you stop and stare? Chin Chin is certainly one of those places and we’re here to tell you what makes that line worth it!   Much of the mystery around Chin Chin surrounds Head Chef, Ben Cooper. You might have seen him doing the rounds on Masterchef Australia recently. If you haven’t heard of him now’s the time to look him up! He’s an interesting personality, not only for his knockout cooking, but also for his Mohawk and fervent love of chilli! He’s also the head chef at Kong, another restaurant you might feel inspired to visit after dining at Chin Chin. With Ben at the helm Chin Chin deliver enticing and delicious Asian food! The restaurant itself is pretty cool, a bit weird and quirky but in a comfortable way. Chin Chin attracts all sorts, a love of good food brings a whole group of people together that you wouldn’t otherwise encounter. The decor is bright and vibrant with an Asian feel to it.

There’s a huge amount of things on the menu we wanted to try and narrowing it down to an amount suitable for consumption by two people was a hardship. Nevertheless we pushed through! We started with pork roll ups and salt and pepper squid. The pork was a fun dish, you got to scoop up the meat and salad, wrap it how you like and dip away. We can say without a doubt that the salt and pepper squid was the best we’ve ever had. It’s something we always order but is never quite perfect. Chin Chin’s was everything we could have hoped for, light and crispy, perfectly seasoned and not at all greasy. Good food doesn’t need to be overly complicated, sometimes the greatest joy comes from simple food cooked well!  Next up was sticky and tender ribs. The meat fell off the bone, it was so tender. The rich meat was complemented by a zesty dressing.Next up was the satay. It was a delight of textures, the crunchy peanut and sticky meat and sauce. It all mixed together in your mouth for an intense and wonderfully flavoursome bite. Satay can often not live up to expectations, looking spectacular but without the flavour to back it up. Chin Chin certainly delivered on both flavour and appearance. We finished up our mains with a side of green beans and crispy shallots. They had a hint of caramelisation, were cooked firm but well and the shallots on top added a wonderfully textural crunch. Sometimes you just need a bit of extra green stuff on your plate! We finished up the meal with fried roti cakes filled with condensed milk. It’s just a sweet and sticky delight, a perfect end to our meal and a delightfully simple and delicious dessert.

Chin Chin deliver delicious food and any wait is certainly worth it. The food is refreshing in its flavours and delivery and we’ve no doubt we’ll be back for more!

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