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East Village / Perth CBD

Tucked inside 140 Perth is a new American inspired watery, East Village. 140 has been striving to bring new and different venues and retailers to the Perth CBD and East Village has been creating quite a stir.

The layout of the restaurant is long and narrow, diner style to bring an American feel to your meal. The venue is noisy, often with a queue out the front so be sure to book ahead. The service is patchy at best, scattered and slow, they were doing their best but when we visited there just wasn’t enough people to keep up with the lunch rush.

 Strawberry milkshake
Looks great but made with syrup. Good froth. Kinda just tastes like the fake strawberry ice cream we had as kids

We ordered a strawberry milkshake after seeing another table get one. It certainly looked impressive served in a mason jar, topped with whipped cream and raspberry liquorice. Unfortunately the flavours were lacking. It was made with syrup, was overly sweet, tasting like the fake strawberry ice cream you buy in giant tubs for children’s parties. I don’t think @idrinkmilkshakes will be visiting any time soon!

 We started with a cheeseburger served in a brioche bun. This burger was all about the meat and very satisfying! The chips had a nice crunch but were unseasoned, so you’ll want to add salt to your tastes.

 We also tried the hotdog, not served with fries (you’ll need to add them separately) but still pretty impressive in size. It was quite a sour mix, the sweet brioche and richness of the sausage created an odd, not quite balanced flavour. It was also quite hard to eat in one bite and the toasting on the brioche had dried it out a bit much. It wasn’t that this was a bad meal, it just wasn’t quite right either and I’m not sure I’d order it again. 

Our experience at East Village was quite mixed. The concept is right but it isn’t backed up with flavour and service. It’s a new venue and incredibly popular but they don’t seemed to have settled into their food yet. We’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and hope more is to come.

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