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Petit Tresor / South Melbourne

 One of my favourite coffee haunts in South Melbourne has recently started serving breakfast. I’ve always drooled over their cake display but hadn’t eaten their yet and breakfast was a prospect I couldn’t pass up. The Clarendon street strip of South Melbourne is full of great places to eat, but this French patisserie is notable for its inviting exterior, delectable cakes and the two friendly brothers who run it. The tables are all adorned with gorgeous little terrariums from Plant A Gift, they also have some succulents available for retail in the cutest concrete pots. Just another thing I’ve lusted after at this cute cafe. While breakfast has only been on offer for a short time the menu still evokes some difficult decisions – luckily we started with coffee to ease into our meal. Our coffee took some time to arrive but we’re lovely when they did. The flavours are rich and complex, the milk is creamy with an attempt at latte art.  Let’s start with the French toast, a hugely generous serving with a mascarpone, lemon curd, chocolate crumb and fresh strawberry. This is a very rich and creamy dish and the lemon curd is very necessary for some tartness to cut through the heaviness. The toast was a standout, soft and delicious with crispy edges that so few places seem to manage. It’s deceptively difficult to achieve the perfect French toast but Petit Tresor came close. It made me wish that the toppings were simpler; less overwhelming and dominating. More complementary toppings could highlight how well that toast was cooked so it could be better appreciated.  We also tried the dough cakes, a similarly generous serving and flavours as the French toast. In the same way we felt the French toast shone, so too did the dough cakes; they were big, cake-y and cooked through. They were what every diner hopes for when ordering dough cakes (as distinct from pancakes) and so rarely receives. The toppings were similarly sweet and rich, the mascarpone really was to die for but perhaps more refinement and a bit of simplicity would have highlighted how well those dough cakes were cooked. 

Petit Tresor are a promising new cafe with some sweet dishes that impress. We look forward to more coffee visits and lustful drooling over that cake display!

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