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Hermosa / Wembley

 The people behind one of our North of Perth favourites, Tropico have just opened a new venue in Wembley. You’ll find Hermosa on Cambridge Street in a large and open venue, which really invites you in.   Inside is a chic and modern venue. There’s plenty of light and colour to attract the eye and we had the pick of the cafe on a quiet weekday morning. With the sunlight streaming in its easy to forget that Hermosa transforms, becoming a bar as night falls. 

We started with our coffee order, taking time to peruse our options. The menu is Spanish inspired (yes there are churros for breakfast!) with variations of most of your favourites. With the cafe mostly to ourselves the service was unsurprisingly attentive. We started with coffee with beans from Will & Co. It was rich and creamy, served quite hot but lost some of its flavour as it cooled. Our first dish was avocado on toast served with a lime and tomato salsa and a poached egg on top. We didn’t feel like it needed an egg to make it a breakfast dish but it certainly seems to be the fashion. This was a lovely and light meal option. The addition of capsicum and croutons to the salsa made for a consistently appealing  textural and flavour combination. The bread was well toasted, a perfect contrast to the wetness of the salsa was the crunch when you bit down. This is a great example of what avocado on toast can be in the right hands.   As tempting as the thought of churros for breakfast was, we opted for the slightly less ridiculous coconut bread. It was served with a cherry meringue, glazed cherries and a spiced chocolate cremoux. This was a beautifully presented dish with a delicious combination of flavours. We loved the torched meringue and sticky sweet of the glazed cherry. The coconut bread acted as a carrier for the flavour and a soothe against the richness of the chocolate. The hint of spice in the cremoux added a complexity to the dish, making it a cut above your more simple sweet breakfasts.

Hermosa Cantina on Wembley have some pretty inspired breakfasts and are sure to make a splash on the Perth breakfast scene!

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