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The Old Laundry / North Perth 

There’s been a real buzz about the new breakfast chef and menu at The Old Laundry in North Perth and we made it our mission to visit as soon as we arrived back in Perth!     
 It’s a wonderfully charming venue by day and we’re sure just as lovely by night. It’s an open and relaxed restaurant with quirky decor and wallpaper to catch the eye wherever you look. We visited with a group of six for breakfast mid week and had no problems getting a table. The staff were warm and friendly and efficient getting our orders taken and answering our questions. We were a varied group in age and preferences but it was obvious looking around the table that everyone felt at home at The Old Laundry. This isn’t something that always happens, it can be hard to find a venue for our diverse tastes.  We started with coffees, going with our usual lattes. They were creamy with a full flavour and an interesting mouthfeel. We were pleasantly surprised by the richness of their brew.      Let’s start with the dish we were most excited about – the peanut butter and jelly pop tart. It looked an absolute treat on the plate, an explosion of colour and elements to delight the eye. The pop tart was more of a short pastry biscuit than the pre-made toaster treat you may be thinking of. The pastry tended to dominate over the jelly, it needed thinner pastry or more jam to be able to appreciate both flavours. The salty, peanut butter flavour was a stand out. The fresh fruits and garnishes were a wonderful contrast and the chocolate mousse took me back to overflowing milos consumed as a child. With a few tweaks this dish could be a real knockout! It’s so refreshing to see something so different on a menu and no surprise it’s popped up so often in social media lately. We also tried the chorizo and potato hash as our savoury breakfast. Unlike the pop tart this dish was lacking in complex flavours. We enjoyed the sweetness of the caramelised onion, the hash and chorizo were good but we craved more variety of spice. It just needed something to elevate it from your run of the mill breakfast dish. A little capsicum or tomato in with the hash would be a simple fix!

We live the direction The Old Laundry is headed and look forward to seeing what they come up with next!

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