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Chu Bakery / Highgate

When a new bakery opens, we want to be there – even if we’re on the opposite side of the country! On a recent visit to Perth we made the just opened Chu Bakery in Highgate one of our first stops. We heard they’d been serving up some pretty delectable treats and went early to see what was on offer. Even arriving when we did there were people filling up the small space.  There were also croissants on the counter, even a Kaya croissant which I didn’t notice until after placing my order and which were too crowded by people to get a photo of. I’ll know what to go for on my next visit!

We were comforted by the presence of a barista we’d seen all over town, slinging coffee at Small Print and Maven Espresso on the other side of the counter. We went with a a couple of sweet treats and coffee… For research purposes, obviously! Our latte was made from Dukes beans. A creamy, balanced and slightly sweet brew, it was an unexpected pleasure to have such a nice coffee from a bakery. Our donut was more of an oval shape, coated in cinnamon, light and unbelievably fresh. A good cinnamon donut is a sure fire way into our hearts!

Finally we had been hearing great things about their choux pastry and went for the raspberry and chocolate option. The pasty was delightful, airy and light with a crisp she’ll – no soggy bottoms in sight! There was a delicate raspberry jelly hidden inside and there was oodles of flavour in the chocolate custard. We’re not surprised these little beauties have been so popular they really pack punch!  We ask treated ourselves to a still warm sourdough loaf. The smell was divine and it tasted just as good as it looks!

We can’t wait to return to Chu Balery on our next visit West. With such delicious morsels on offer now we’d love to see what they come up with next!

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