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Po Boy Quarter / Fitzroy

  Po Boy Quarter has been recommended to us numerous times for their southern style comfort food and on a cold night we decided to give it a try.

Haven’t heard of a po boy? It’s something a bit special, but nothing fancy. The Po Boy is thought to have got its name from a couple of former streetcar conductors who were selling them. When their former colleagues went on strike they gave them these sandwiches for free so they could eat. It wasn’t long before the sandwich became associated with the ‘poor boys’ who ate them and then shortened to the colloquial ‘Po Boy’. It’s Louisiana comfort food at its finest – fresh, crispy baguette, usually lots of meat, especially seafood, chicken or beef and often a spicy sauce of gravy. It may not be anything fancy – but boy is it delicious. We also tried the chili fries, coleslaw and potato cakes, a veritable feast with huge servings of everything. The chips were shoestring and the spicy mayo gave it a nice mix of cream, spice and warmth. The coleslaw was light and crunchy, the perfect side to our rich, fried and meaty selections.
 My favourite was the dipped beef Po Boy. It was messy and spicy and all kinds of wonderful. The meat was incredibly tender and full of flavour thanks to its juices and the bread was super fresh, crispy on the outside, soft in the centre like any good baguette. Once you started trying to eat this monster you couldn’t put it down, though that’s probably half the fun with a meal like this. It’s messy and delicious and you almost can’t have one without the other! We also tried the benguey, a little pastry treat to which we added the Ramos gin fizz ice cream. Apparently no one had ever done this before we asked but as far as we’re concerned ice cream, especially gin fizz ice cream, improves everything! Finally we tried the ice box tart, a frozen version of lemon meringue pie. If you’re going to mess with a classic it has to be better than the original, unfortunately we didn’t think this added anything and aren’t sure we’d order it again. It’s a good ole lemon meringue for us!

Po Boy Quarter puts on some great food we’ll certainly be back for more!

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