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Touché Hombre / Melbourne CBD

There is a great satisfaction that comes with eating a meal entirely with ones hands. In seeking this simple pleasure we found ourselves at Touché Hombre. Mexican food is one of those cuisines that nails the balance between simple home style meals and complex flavours that make you stop and think. Touché Hombre was no exception.  It’s a noisy and colorful eatery, made for rambunctious evenings and socializing with abandon.   There’s a ghost busters neon sign, art all over the walls and diners packed in close. If you’re looking for an intimate dining occasion and some peace and quiet, Touché Hombre may not be the best choice!

The staff duck and weave around the tables and the service was quite impressive given the noise and number of people. We started with drinks while taking a moment to appreciate the menu. With four diners we decided to share a chicken jug cocktail. The menu wasn’t lying, when they say chicken jug, they really mean it! It’s a much more cost effective way of having a couple of cocktails with the added benefit of serving from a giant chicken.We couldn’t go past a classic – guacamole with tortillas. The pomegranate addition is incredibly popular right now and we loved the light and fresh pop it added to the dish! Street corn is another one of our favourites and always a highlight. It’s zesty, creamy and cheesy with a bit of spice. You can’t put it down until you finish, and invariably end up a bit sticky but it’s all part of the experience. It was an evening for classics and favourite comforts so next we tried the fried chicken. The sauce was nicely spiced, the chicken was crispy and tender, though a little oily compared to other  fried chicken we’ve had around town recently.   Finally, toastadas the tuna and crab. We’d actually ordered the chicken and crab but had been misheard – the tuna was nice and creamy nonetheless. The mango was the highlight of the crab toastadas, sweet and a nice contrast.

Touché Hombre have the cool urban eatery down pat and it’s the perfect place for dinner and drinks with friends!

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