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Brunswick Burger Buzz / Brunswick

Some days you don’t want anything fancy, just a good burger and some fries and a quiet evening where no one has to do the dishes. There’s so much around Brunswick that often little gems are only discovered when ones ventures without a clear direction in mind and our wanderings lead us to Brunswick Burger Buzz on Sydney road.   For those who know the area the decor won’t surprise, it a but hipster, a bit eclectic. There’s doors on the walls and chairs that look like they once belonged to many different sets, while the restaurant itself is split into two halves that don’t quite line up.

The service is relaxed and casual, everything takes a little other than you would expect it too, but it also creates that chilled vibe perfect for those wanting a quiet meal and a drink away from the noise and rush of Sydney road. Our first burger was the Buzz, with Australian inspired  fillings of beetroot and bacon as well as the usual suspects. I’m a huge fan of beetroot in things or by itself and this made me happy. It was a big and tasty serve but not the best burger I’ve ever had.  We also tried the Yank – the American inspired burger. This was man sized food; two big parties with cheese, BBQ sauce, onion and little else.  We can’t say what made it American but this was simple food executed well.What’s a burger without fries? Ours were served nice and hot with a crispy skin and a light texture. They could have done with more seasoning but we couldn’t find any more nearby and simply ate them as they were. We couldn’t resist the call of onion rings and there were more that had been consumed before I managed to get a shot of them. We enjoyed the light batter and sweetness of the onion but found they were rather greasy. The sides came out after we were mostly finished our burgers but we would have preferred the timing to be better.

If you’re just going for a quiet night and burger close to home then Brunswick Burger Buzz may be the place for you.

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