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Bowery to Williamsburg / Melbourne CBD


Bowery to Willamsburg is the newest addition to the delightful eateries in Hardware Lane and the second store of this American diner style cafe. There’s a single communal table and the chefs work along side you at a bench to the side. 

The menu is an interesting mix of breakfast and lunch, sandwiches sit alongside bagels, shakshouka and waffles. It’s exciting but you’ll pay for the privilege with dishes mostly at the high end of $12-$20.

Before we get to that though, let’s enjoy some coffee!   The barista was incredibly friendly, taking a lot of care with the coffee and obviously enjoying their craft. Bowery to Wiiliamsburg use Padre coffee roasted in Brunswick, creating a creamy coffee, mellow and light with a sweet finish. We couldn’t stop at just one each!   The two that followed were consistent in flavour, with more interesting latte art. It’s a thumbs up for us for the second coffee test! We’ve really been enjoying all the fried chicken on offer around Melbourne recently and the chicken and waffles at Bowery to Williamsburg were no exception! It was a perfect mix of spicy, crispy and sweet, served with maple syrup and a whipped butter. The serving size was generous, enough to be filling and satisfying without making you so full that you felt you wouldn’t need to eat for the next week!  We also tried the Graceland – a meal fit for the King himself. Crunchy peanut butter was melting over crispy bacon and grilled banana in a kind of French toast sandwich. There was also ice cream and maple syrup making this dish salty, crispy and soft all at once. Sure the maple syrup wasn’t necessary, but if you want to live like the King for a day (bar eating this on the toilet of course) this is the breakfast for you. It was a group effort for us mere mortals to finish it so you’ll probably need a couple of people if you aren’t blessed with an Elvis sized stomach.

Not satisfied with just breakfast, we subsequently returned to Bowery to Willimsburg for a lunch dining experience.
Our first selection came from the specials board, a meat platter with pork, double smoked brisket, salsa, guacamole, chilli and flat bread. It was designed to get a bit of everything, to use the flat bread and dip and scoop and combine all the flavours into something greater than the some of its parts. The brisket could have been more tender but had a great smokey flavour. The platter was a huge serving, there’s no way way you’re going home hungry after this one! We also tried a lighter dish, poached eggs served with haloumi, pesto, tomato and basil. I’m a huge fan of a nice, squeaky haloumi as long as it’s served hot and it’s just perfect with the oozing egg yolk and that basil hit. It’s lighter and fresher than the extravagance of the other dishes we tried and a welcome change from the sweetness of the breakfast dishes.

We loved the Bowery to Willaimsburg experience and will be back for more soon!

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