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Krimper / Melbourne CBD

   In typical Melbourne style you’ll find Krimper down a laneway, very much hidden from sight. Once you open the door this cafe seriously impresses with its design and the heavy wooden doors close so solidly you feel as if you have left the whole world and its troubles behind. It was easy to get a table and the staff were quick to take our coffee orders and provide menus.  Krimper serve up Proud Mary coffee, bringing back fond memories of La Veen coffees back in Perth. It was nice and full bodied, a solid brew.

There were four of us dining but two of the dishes particularly caught  our eye and we went for two of each.
Firstly, the sweet French toast, with crumbed almond and dulce de leche. The toast was okay but lost some of its lightness in the centre. The caramelized apple was delicious, as was the texture of the almond. Altogether it was an interesting dish to start the day.We also tried the Le Soud, meaty chorizo, mushroom, served with hummus and onion. It was a satisfying serving size and a hearty mix of flavours and textures.

We would recommend Krimper for a secluded  breakfast and coffee in the heart of the CBD.

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