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Magic Mountain Saloon / Melbourne CBD

Magic Mountain Saloon is a dark and strangely shaped modern Thai restaurant that’s all kinds of wonderful. 

The staff are very knowledgable, and we were lead through the maze of stairs and levels to our table. The menu is pretty expansive and we didn’t really know where to start. Lucky for us we came with someone who had been before and knew exactly which dishes to try and we opted to get a mix of things to share. Not before some drinks of course. The staff were equally talented in their drink selections and made sure we all had something exactly to our tastes. 
The first dish we tried really set the tone for the evening and from the first aromatic hit we knew we’d made the right decision. This fabled dish was the duck, served with pineapple and roti. Duck isn’t something we eat often but the richness worked so well with this dish. The real joy was that each individual element had hidden depths of flavour and when eaten together, a bit of everything was a flavour explosion, spicy, sweet, rich and delicious. Our mains soon followed in a whirl of colour and spice.
Green chicken curry is one of our favourites and Magic Mountain Saloon’s was nicely spiced, both creamy and light. It was served with chicken thigh on the bone, the meat was tender but you really had to pay attention while eating! The best part is always the sauce and there was plenty to go around.

Sometimes the best meals are those where you get your hands dirty, so we also tried the sticky beef ribs. They were a nice mix of tender meat and hit a balance between sweetness and spice.  Finally, in one of those dishes reflecting current trends, we have the pork belly and kale a go. The pork was slightly chewy with a good crackle, a satisfying level of heat and served with a light and refreshing sauce. We’re not sure the kale added much to the flavour but the textures worked well as a contrast to the pork.

 Magic Mountain Saloon dish up some delectable modern Thai food and we cannot praise the knowledge and service of the staff enough. We will certainly be back for more!

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