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Mesa Verde / Melbourne CBD

 Mexican tends to be our go to cuisine at home or eating out for times when we know we want something delicious but aren’t sure what we’re looking for. 

Up far too many flights of stairs and off Swanston st you’ll find Mesa Verde, a Mexican bar and eatery with character.    It’s dark, candles light the corners and tables are dressed in shadow. It’s an intimate eatery, with plenty to discover if you explore its corners and walls. There’s even a Mexican poster for The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, but we’ll let you find that for yourselves… Darkness, or more accurately, the absence of light is a bane to any food blogger trying to take a half decent photo, but I have to say that Mesa Verde make up for it with charm and fascinating decor.  We started the meal with drinks, tempted by the cocktails I went with the South Side watermelon. A light and refreshing mix of mint, lemon, watermelon and gin. 

We selected a few of our favourites from the menu, aiming for satisfying with a bit of variety. First up, tortilla chips with a smoked cashew, salsa and guacamole dip. My favourite without a doubt was the divine smoked cashew, meaty and smokey, but the rest of the table was fond of the salsa for its zing factor!Next up, a few minutes of blissful silence consuming the Mexican street corn! It’s cheesy and spicy and you’ll end up with corn stuck in your teeth for days but you cannot pass up the simple dish! We also tried the fried chicken wings, they were good, meaty and tender with a nice crunch. They weren’t overly oily but didn’t quite have the lightness of some of the chicken we’ve tried recently.We also tried their take on a nachos, guacamole, cheese, tortilla chips, it really couldn’t go wrong! Finally, a watermelon salad, with pomegranate, beets and seeds was our last choice. It was light and refreshing, with no spice like the dish at Mr Big Stuff, and the pomegranate was a fantastic addition! 

The food at Mesa Verde had some good flavours and be loved the ambience! It’s well worth a visit for a Mexican feed, we left full and satisfied down all six flights of stairs. 

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