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Broadsheet / Fitzroy

Broadsheet is one of the most recognisable names in food in Melbourne and it’s not surprising there was a huge amount of buzz surrounding their pop up restaurant. The restaurant brought together the best of melbourne food, the best of design and innovation in the coolest of cool locations in Fitzroy.

Food is about bringing people together, having a conversation and sharing an experience. Broadsheet expediate the process of finding the perfect meal by bringing it to the one location, there’s a unique spin from each contributor and something for every taste.   The restaurant is light birch wood and exposed concrete, it’s light and nature and food all come together in a gloriously designed space.

We visited on the second day they were open and there were still some issues needing to be sorted. We seemed to enter completely escaping the view of the server but we were soon noticed and the coffee and food started coming our way.  All the coffee at Broadsheet is unsurprisingly small batch, specialty goodness. It was light and bright, with. A beautiful mouthfeel with sweet notes to finish. By all accounts a stunning coffee but we would expect nothing less.Our first dish was the Auction Room’s throwback avocado with beetroot, dukkah coated feta and a poached egg. This was a creamy dish but with a pleasant lightness that felt both fresh and indulgent. There a wonderful zingy hit, a balanced acidity with a slightly spicy finish. As you’d expect the Brpadsheet restaurant know how to poach an egg to perfection it’s just a shame they’re not immune from our pet peeve – knives that won’t cut through toast!  Next up was French toast with ice cream and fennel poached pear. The toast was slightly eggy, nice without being overly sweet with a slight crisp to the outside and a soft centre. The very sweet ice cream really needed the balance of the aniseed in the pear, it helped to round out and balance the flavours without dominating the palette. Similarly the textured crumb added difference and interest. Overall we would have liked the dish to give us something fresh to cut through the heaviness of the toast and ice cream but it was an impressive dish nonetheless!

The Broadsheet restaurant absolutely delivers on its promise. Delicious food, great coffee and a space designed to delight. We will be making the most of it while it’s open!

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