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Gu.E / Brunswick

  At the fringes of the Sydney road dining scene you’ll find Gu.E. A clean and cool Korean BBQ joint catering for all comers.     With exposed brick and postered walls Gu.E could just as easily be a hipster cafe as it could a BBQ restaurant. On first glance the smoke and meticulously set out placemats are all that indictable the restaurants true nature.

You’ll find a range of options on the menu, smaller things to share, soups, noodles and BBQ dishes to suit all tastes. We ordered a collection of dishes so we could get a taste of as much as possible!     I have a real fondness for buns and couldn’t go past the beef buns on Gu.E’s menu. It’s something about the lightness of the bun and the tender meat, the texture and sweetness that I just adore. The beef was a slightly sticky sweet, juicy and tender with a mix of filling that made each bite exciting. We visited again to give these buns another shot and were equally impressed, they’re a must try on our books for any visit to Gu.E!        We also tried the kimchi pancakes. Cheesy in the middle and soft on the outside they weren’t the easiest to navigate with chop sticks but they were tasty. This was an interesting and tasty dish but it could have had more flavour.   

     Our absolute favourite was the Korean fried chicken. It’s hard not to enjoy fried chicken, but this was something else. Three serves of honey soy, sweet chilli and original means that you get a taste of everything and each flavour was utterly delicious. The chicken was crisp and light, it wasn’t overly oily and it didn’t make you feel ill five minutes later like certain fast food restaurants. Each piece of chicken was nicely sauced and seasoned, the sweet chilli in particular, sticky, sweet and spicy with tender, juicy chicken left us wanting more!     Lastly we shared the pork belly BBQ. It arrived sizzling and smoking, bringing a little drama to the dinner table. The pork and veggies were nicely cooked but it was all a little bland for our liking. The sauce it came with was okay but we were really looking for more kick from this dish!

 We loved Gu.E and will certainly be back for some more buns and Korean fried chicken if nothing else. 

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