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The Cupping Room / Canberra Civic


On University Avenue in the heart of Canberra you’ll find the fashionable and busy cafe, the Cupping Room! Cupping is the process of really tasting coffee, the smell, the feel, observing every part of it – the body, flavour and aftertaste. Cupping is for the coffee lovers and master tasters, and if a cafe is going to be called the Cupping Room we’re going to expect them to be passionate about their brew! 

The staff were very keen to explain the coffee to us. They offer both a blend and seasonal brew so we decided to experience both!     The seasonal was lovely, deep and fruity with a slight acidity.

While the blend was creamy and sweet with hints of chocolate. Our favourite was the seasonal mix, but the beauty of choice is that you can make up your own mind! Our first meal was the heuvos bollo, a Mexican inspired breakfast burger. There was a nice mix of flavours and textures but the sauce was a standout!

We also tried the ricotta hotcakes and were certain we made the right decision as soon as we caught sight of them on the way to our table! Served with creme fraiche, honeycomb, fig and strawberry, this was a stunningly presented dish! The hot cakes were a little dense, but there was a wonderful pop of pomegranate, and a slight tart creaminess from the creme fraiche. We were hoping for more flavour from the fig, though the dish as a whole was a nicely balanced sweet choice to start the day.

The Cupping Room has to be one of the hottest breakfast venues in Canberra and their coffee and food are well worth a special visit!

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