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No 23 Lonsdale St Roasters / Civic Canberra


After hearing wonderful things about no 23 Lonsdale St Roasters we visited this popular spot over Easter. The fairy lights, wood and exposed brick were immediately appealing and there was already people queueing for takeaway. We arrived early to get a seat inside and it didn’t take long before it was full, families and cyclists seemed to be particularly fond of this hipster locale.

The Inside of the cafe is full of mis-matched decor and chairs but we were particularly fond of their vintage tea pot collection. The menu was limited over Easter but still contained options like the ‘Kevin Bacon’, our question is why not the eggs cumberbatch? But we digress, you can place your order and pay at the counter.

Unfortunately the coffee was disappointing. It was burnt and over extracted, not just a little over but well past.  

Our first dish from the limited menu was museli with fruit and yogurt. The watermelon was wonderfully refreshing but we found the mint to be quite overpowering. Some honey or another sweet element would have helped the flavour. The serving size was generous, there was also milk but we didn’t feel the need to add it. 

We also gave their eggs Benedict with dill hollandaise and ham a try. We were lead to believe that there was actually a pork belly option to this dish but it was unfortunately not available over easter. It seems like we really picked the wrong time to visit! What we did get was good, the serving was generous and the egg was nicely poached, but you can’t help but want more when you know it’s usually on offer.

No 23 Lonsdale street Roasters has the look and feel of the establishments we love but for all its promise just didn’t deliver on this occasion. 

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