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Shortys / Civic Canberra

  After a morning of exploring the sights in Canberra a rest stop was necessary and we found ourselves at the Alfresco strip. Shortys was down a narrow lane between restaurants. Walking up the stairs you find yourself warm and cozy with a bar dominating to your left and wood and coloured chairs all round. Because apparently we’re Melbournians and therefore impervious to the cold now, we took seats on the alfresco outside. Unfortunately orders needed to be placed at the counter, so once we’d made up our minds we had to make our way back to the bar to order. I started with a packaged cocktail, I wasn’t sure what I was ordering and had a picture in my mind of a premix or bottled cocktail. I was pleasantly surprised when it came out just like a bubble tea, we almost expected there to be sago! It was a fresh and different way to serve and make a cocktail.We ordered the crinkle cut chips, it’s one of those snacks everyone had as a child and there’s a bit of nostalgia about having them now. Whether the crinkle is for the seasoning or the crunch started a debate at our table. The conclusion we came to was the seasoning was great and gathered in the crinkles but the crunch factor was lacking.We also tried the pulled pork nachos. The combination of delectable pulled pork and nachos was something we couldn’t refuse. Disappointingly the cheese got caught under the meat so we missed the oozing top, but the pork was as tender and juicy as we were hoping. It was a decent meal and satisfying though I doubt we needed that much sour cream and it became difficult to eat the more we got into it.We also tried the duck spring roll. The rich flavour of the duck complemented by the light and crispy shell of the spring roll made a delicious and surprisingly light combination.

Shortys is a good rest stop with bar food and drinks that satisfy.

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