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Operator 25 / Melbourne CBD

On a sunny Melbourne morning, we headed to Urbanspoon’s talk of the town, Operator 25 On Wills st in the CBD for a relaxed breakfast. You’ll need to wait to be seated, and Operator 25 seem perpetually busy so we were happy to take a seat outside and enjoy the day. The decor inside was bright and appealing, the sunflowers on the counter in particular caught my eye! Despite being outside and therefore out of sight and potentially mind for the waitstaff, we were given menus and our coffee orders were taken immediately. They took longer to return and take our orders but we were happily sipping coffee by that stage and weren’t too bothered by the delay. They were also training a new server which could have contributed to the wait time. Every good breakfast for us starts with coffee! We found Operator 25’s to be creamy, with a good flavour and latte art. It was obvious care had been taken with our drinks.Our sweet dish was a ginger and date bread served with a pomegranate sauce, caramelized banana mascarpone and a salted bread crumb. It was fantastic how much the caramelized banana flavour came through and the sweet and creamy pomegranate sauce was uniquely delicious. The bread was rich, a bit sweet and moist, a perfect combination of textures with the salted crumb. Sometimes all one really wants for breakfast is the classic, bacon and eggs. Operator 25 do a thick cut streaky and we opted for scrambled eggs and sourdough toast. The bacon was everything we were hoping for but unfortunately the eggs were a little dry.

Operator 25 do a decent breakfast with some interesting flavours and we can see why they’ve been so popular recently!

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