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Miss Marmalade / Brunswick

   Up Union Street you’ll find the delightful cafe, Miss Marmalade! You’ll know it by the beautiful wood, mismatched vintage chairs and homely decor, not to mention the smell of coffee brewing.  We visited on a Friday morning after a leisurely awakening and were lucky to get a table inside. The staff were friendly and cheerful despite the clatter of conversation but it took a little time for our order to be taken. We ordered our usual lattes in the blue diamond house blend sourced from the Central American and African highlands. We found it to be creamy and balanced, with a smooth mouthfeel and a sweet finish.   Our first dish came from the specials board, a french toast will vanilla bean mascarpone, caramelized banana, praline crumb, fresh strawberry and maple syrup. As a french toast it probably didn’t have enough batter or time on the pan. The mascarpone and caramelized banana were a delicious combination and the praline added an interesting texture. This was quite a sweet dish, it probably didn’t need the strawberry sauce as well as the maple syrup and without the mascarpone it would have been a little overwhelming. This was a pretty dish on the plate and an enjoyable meal.Next up was another sweet delight, the buttermilk and ricotta hot cakes adorned with chocolate crumb, lemon curd, the Madagascan vanilla mascarpone and drunken pears. It’s hard to see on the plate but this was actually a huge serving with large, well cooked hot cakes. The lemon curd was the very best of this dish, tart and sweet and delicious. The pears were okay, well poached but we didn’t really get the drunken flavour. This too was a pretty dish, executed well.

Miss Marmalade delivers on the plate and the free brownie I received as I paid the bill just topped off a lovely experience.

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