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The Cornish Arms / Brunswick


Ah the local pub, everyone’s favourite old reliable for satisfying food, questionable quality music and a good drink. The Cornish Arms pays homage to the old fashioned English pub with an older style building and facade with some modern improvements.

There’s plenty of pubs and eateries around Brunswick, but we were drawn to the Cornish Arms for their weekly specials. There’s something different every day, but the prospect of a kransky was too tempting so we headed over on a Monday night for a feed!  The Cornish Arms is comfortable, with plenty of seating, table service, a beer garden and pool table if you fancy a game. Monday nights are also open mic so if you’re there past 8 you’ll be treated to the local talent.  We started our meal with wu-tang fries, chips served with cheese and gravy, much like the Canadian Poutine. We’re not sure what makes it like the American rap group, but melted cheese, gravy and hot chips is always a winner in our books. 

Now what you’ve all been waiting for, a monster kransky sausage in a bun with American mustard, pickle, barbecue sauce, onion and more fries and coleslaw! It’s a juicy and meaty sausage, with a fresh bun as well as all the accompaniment you could ask for. For $11 we left very happy diners!

The Cornish Arms delivers tasty pub meals and a pleasant environment, plus we couldn’t help but notice they also have a huge range of vegan and vegetarian options.

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  1. We’re regulars at the Cornish Arms for their vegan menu! It’s very junky and filling, and definitely a bit of fun. πŸ™‚

      • They’re tasty but super-deep-fried and served in huge portions! It’s not a place for a light meal. I tend to switch between the fake fish’n’chips and the parma, and I can never finish either. My friends are obsessed with the vegan chicken wings.

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