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Fancy Hanks BBQ / Melbourne CBD


Some time ago on our reconnaissance holiday to Melbourne, we discovered Doughboys Donuts, and to our great delight, Fancy Hanks in the same location. You’ll find them both in a light and airey second floor eatery near the Queen Victoria Markets. It’s a beautiful spot where you can grab a beer and a table in the sun and enjoy the day, especially when Melbourne weather is so lovely.

Fancy Hanks’s sells meat by the 100g, and they recommend 200-300g per person.  With four of us we instead opted for two meats and a sausage as well as a few sides to share amongst us.

The meats were fantastic. We had chosen the brisket, pork shoulder and sausage and each was as tasty as we had hoped. The sausage was rich and moist with a comfortably warm spice, while the brisket was tender and juicy. The pork shoulder had a nicely seasoned acidity with hints of apple and the meat was tender enough to give the impression of melting in your mouth.

The sides were equally impressive. Starting with the delicious house fries, crispy, hot and perfectly seasoned goodness. We found the slaw with apple and pomegranate to be serviceable but a little dry without the pop of flavour we were hoping for. Having never tried hush puppies before we weren’t sure what to expect. These spiced and deep fried dough balls were surprisingly delicious and we would certainly have them again!

We were very satisfied with the casual dining experience at Fancy Hanks and would happily come back for more meaty goodness!

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