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Shortstop Coffee & Donuts / Melbourne CBD

If there’s something Melbourne seems to have a lot of it’s donuts. Believe me this isn’t a complaint, the more donuts the better, actually is there anything better then donuts? I digress, after hearing fantastic things about Shortstop’s donuts, we couldn’t resist dropping by their Sutherland street store in the CBD. There were plenty of choices on offer and the decision was agonizing. We started with coffees using Market Lane beans, one of our favourites from our last holiday in Melbourne. The espresso brought out flavours more subtle and fruity, so much so that it almost tasted like a filter coffee. It had a creamy mouthfeel and lovely latte art.

Now what you’ve been waiting for, the donuts! Our first selection was the traditional vanilla glazed donut. The glaze was light and sweet with a vanilla flavour that complemented the soft and light pastry.

Next up was the decadent Boston cream donut. We obviously had to try a filled donut too, and the rich chocolate and glossy finish immediately drew our eye. The tender and light pastry was complemented with a creamy vanilla bean custard and a smooth dark chocolate hit. The donut was utterly indulgent and my first bite was a moment of heaven, savouring every flavour. 

It won’t surprise you that we wanted more and subsequently made a second trip to the counter. Slightly embarrassed by our gluttony we were reassured by the server that we were not alone, and very few left the store without a second helping. It seems we were in good company!

Our final donut was a cruller with Australian honey and salt. This was a very unique donut, salty and sweet, with such a wonderful honey flavour. The pastry melted in your mouth, while the glaze had seeped into the ridges ensuring every bite was full of flavour and a bit of salty goodness! 

Shortstop Coffee & Donuts really do have all your donut and coffee needs covered and if you love donuts as much as I do be sure to visit their Sutherland street store or find a cafe they stock around town! 

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