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Brunswick Foodstore / Brunswick


Brunswick Foodstore has a really nice feel about it. There’s some places that capture good vibes and this large and open cafe with a hipster edge has done just that.

There’s lots of tables and no fighting for elbow room. We took a seat at far side near the counter and found the staff quick to provide menus and take our orders.

The Brunswick Foodstore serve Toby’s Estate coffee but we didn’t find it to be a particularly interesting blend and it was unfortunately a little over extracted.

First up was the sumptuous ricotta hot cakes. The ugly but delicious, or ‘picnic’ of the breakfast world, the photo really doesn’t do these hotcakes justice! They were well cooked and full of juicy berries, with a sweetness to it. The vanilla ice cream, cinnamon and pistachio were welcome additions.

Next up, stuffed french toast! This one was exciting, banana and walnut stuffed french toast, served on a bed of strawberry and roast walnut and topped with bacon. Unfortunately the toast was a little eggy and probably needed something creamy or more liquid to go with it. The sweetness of the strawberry and toast was mellowed by the banana and complented by the salty and smokey bacon. This was an interesting dish, it tasted good but perhaps more refinement would really nail the flavours and elements! It’s fantastic to see cafes offering stuffed french toast more on their menus, it’s such a unique and delicious breakfast option!

Before leaving the Brundwick Foodstore be sure to take a look at their retail section. There’s a big range of products including popcorn, quinoa, relishes, spices and even beans! 

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