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Wide Open Road / Brunswick

Another of our new locals is another converted warehouse, Wide Open Road. The space is huge, the ceilings high and the counters large and menacing.

It’s everything that’s cool right now contained all in one place, just like the terrariums on the tables or the bikes parked haphazardly outside.


There’s definitely a wait for tables, but it’s worth it. Wide Open Road was the weekend destination for what seemed like half of Brunswick, post workout coffees, morning after dates and families as well as chilled solo diners made up the tables. 

The menu is fairly expansive with breakfast, brunch and lunch choices and specials, it wasn’t an easy decision! First up though we started with drinks.

If there’s one thing Wide Open Road are serious about, it’s coffee and after many take-aways we were looking to a relaxed dine in coffee.

Our first coffee was creamy and the rich, slightly acidic at first but finishing with a subtle sweetness. We enjoyed it so much we ordered a second, this one was a little more acidic and didn’t have the sweet finish of the first but was still consistent and good enough for us to say it passed our second coffee test!

If you’re not feeling coffee, or just want something light and refreshing Wide Open Road also have juices on offer, some of which you can alcohol to, just because. We went for the pineapple and mint to share, a wonderfully refreshing juice with plenty of flavour.

Our savoury dish is what other breakfasts wish they were and makes grown men weep… okay that may be a slight exaggeration, but this was indeed a breakfast to behold! The thick cut bacon is impressive on the plate, as well as potato cake, poached eggs, rocket and a spicy sauce. The bacon was the best part of the dish with a full bodied smokiness, the eggs were gooey, just the way we like them and there was a nice warmth to the dish as a whole. This was just a very satisfying meal!

Our sweet dish was as pretty as a picture, a toasted brioche with local strawberries. A mix of fresh and freeze dried strawberry with a vanilla creme fraiche and a light vinaigrette. The dish was sweet and tangy, a wonderful mix of sweetness and acidity that was perfectly balanced. The toast was initially hot, but with the cold toppings was quick to cool, it’s buttery richness was fantastic with the lightness of the toppings. On intitially choosing the dish I thought I would rather it be a french toast, but on finishing it found the dish to be so uniquely balanced, sweet but not sweet at the same time, that it needed no more. 

Wide Open Road really deliver, with beautiful meals and specialty coffee worth waiting for!

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