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Union Street Brewers / Brunswick

Sydney Road is home to a rich and vibrant food scene, but it definitely isn’t all Brunswick has to offer! You’ll find Union Street Brewers, unsurprisingly, on Union Street and close to Jewell station.

The cafe is large and open, with a pleasant airy-ness, pale wood and white walls. There’s cute decor like floating plants, plenty of room to make yourself at home for breakfast or to wait for your takeaway coffee. On a weekday morning there was certainly plenty of take aways as people started their day!

Union Street Brewers have their own coffee, roasted offsite by the owner. We found their brew to be creamy, bringing out a filter-like flavour at a perfect temperature. This made is very happy customers!

Our savoury dish was a baked eggs which we added lamb hash to, and was served with bread. The bread was deliciously fresh and perfect for dipping in the spicy bean mix, a great kick to start your morning. The lamb hash was a good addition, tender meat that melted in your mouth. We are big fans of feta and enjoyed the creamy, slightly salty flavour it added to our eggs. All in all, a very satisfying dish!

Next up was their custard french toast with a praline crumb and poached plum. The photo really doesn’t do this dish justice, it was beautifully plated and had a wonderfully warm aroma. The french toast had a lovely cake-like flavour, with a crack creme brulee top, enhancing its custard and vanilla bean accents. They promised us custard french toast and they certainly delivered! The praline was okay but it needed to be more coarse and textural as it got a little lost in the richness of the fruit and toast. The poached plum was rich, almost like a nice wine and you only needed a little with each mouthful. While the serving of this dish appears small it is exactly the right size to experience and savour the flavours. This is french toast you have to try for yourself! 

Union Street Brewers delivered great coffee and delicious food and we will certainly be back for more! 

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