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Two Little Piggies and Many Delicious Meals / Brunswick

Two Little Pigs is a bright yellow presence on Sydney road in Brunswick, they are both a coffee shop and a charcuterie. Isn’t Melbourne a wonderful place? This is another local cafe for us and we’ve found the staff to be welcoming and friendly on our coffee runs so we decided to make a visit especially for breakfast.

There’s table service so you can sit down and settle in, we found they took our coffee orders immediately while giving us time to peruse the menu.

The coffee at Two Little Pigs was strong but smooth and creamy. Served with lovely latte art, it was obvious the baristas put a lot of care into making our coffee, the same experience we’ve had with their take aways.

When at a charcuterie one makes the most of their breakfast! This is not a dish for the feint hearted, it’s a rich, meaty way to start the day. A selection of cured meats, Spanish blood sausages, duck liver pate, tomato and pickle. The pickle was perfect to cut the heavy meat and the pate, the toast also helped to lighten the dish. This was certainly one of the more unusual breakfasts we’ve had, and though we enjoyed it, it’s probably not something we would have often!

We went for something lighter next, the hot dough cakes with bacon ice cream and a sugar crumb. This was exactly as it was described, just like a jam doughnut! It was hot and delicious, the oozing jam and cinnamon shaft perfectly imitating a jam doughnut and the bacon ice cream adding a creamy element. The ice cream didn’t really need to be bacon flavoured, and it was more vanilla then anything else unless you got a sizeable chunk of meat, but it certainly made the dish sound more exciting. Altogether this was a tasty sweet breakfast dish.

Not able to go past the ‘Pea and Ham’ on the menu we decided to give it a try. Sourdough toast, served with poached eggs, crispy pork belly, and green pea velouté. The poached eggs were a touch over done but still had an oozy centre which mingled with the velouté in a delicious mess. The pork belly had fantastic crackling though we felt the meat could have been a little more tender. The pea velouté was a standout, creamy with a delicious flavour and perfect to dip the sourdough in! This was a great breakfast dish.

We also tried the Nutella hot doughcakes served with Blackberry ice cream, one of their weekend specials. This really didn’t meet the standard of their usual. The cakes were a little overdone and though both the Nutella and blackberry were individually tasty, and helped balanced each other, the dish didn’t have the textural variation or the nuance we were hoping for.

Two Little Pigs is a great local, with friendly staff, good coffee and interesting breakfast dishes and chaucterie meats!

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