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Fonda / Melbourne

We are big fans of Mexican food and on a night out with some other friends from Perth we decided to check out Fonda in Flinders Lane in the CBD. The venue is adorned in a spaghetti western style with edgy decor, exposed brick and pale wood. Was the venue named after Peter Fonda and his movies or Jane Fonda, the more well known? We aren’t sure but either way it gets the conversation started.

You can order takeaway meals or get a seat, the restaurant was busy for a weeknight and it certainly didn’t feel like it was in the heart of the central business district.

We sat ourselves on the colourful chairs reminiscent of old school diner booths, surrounded by cacti and With a view of the street outside and the expanse of the dining area below. To order you need to make your way to the counter so we went and ordered drinks before seriously considering the menu.

There was a large selection of reasonably priced drinks and plenty of the non-alcoholic beverages had the option of adding spirits like tequila if you preferred. They served some interesting Mexican beers and cocktails in mason jars with paper straws, the piña de coco in particular is delicious!

We started our meal with the guacamole, a mild sauce and fresh tortilla chips. Crunchy, nicely salted and the pomegranate was a nice touch on the guacamole.

Next up was one of our favourite Mexican entrees, charred corn served with mayo, a mild spice and grated cheese. The combination of hot corn, melting cheese and spices is absolutely delicious, finger food at its best!

We also tried the chicken burrito. The chicken was well cooked and beautifully seasoned, the corn was once again a stand out with a smokey, slight sweetness to it. The sauce was tangy and delicious and the burrito was packed full, a generous serving size.

As well as the fish taco, a light and fresh dish with a wonderfully crispy salad. The freshly made corn tortilla was soft and delicious, and each mouthful was an explosion of texture and flavour. For $7 the quality is fantastic, and much better then we have found anywhere in Perth for a similar price.

Our next dish was a pulled pork quesadilla. There’s not much to say about this other then the dish was everything you hope for when you read the words ‘pulled pork’ and ‘quesadilla’. The meat was juicy and tender, cheesy and delicious. A light pickle cut through the richness and the serving size was once again generous, especially for the $15 price tag.

Fonda put a great feed, a perfect place for a cheap meal and drinks with friends on a night out!

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