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Code Black Coffee / Brunswick

Code Black is our new local! This cannot be good for my caffeine intake…

You may remember my ravings about their beans at Maven Espresso, as well as Architects and Heroes in Perth, so it will come as no surprise that I was really looking forward to this visit!IMG_9045Code Black is located in a modern and spacious warehouse. The large size showcases the furniture and the coffee counter while leaving room for retail goods and some tables without feeling crowded.

There was no surprises that Code Black serve the sublime and ridiculous, this is a food philosophy we can wholeheartedly get behind!


We started with lattes. The coffee was rich and full bodied with a light acidity. For those unsure of what the difference between bitter and acidic, it’s an interesting flavour contrast. Bitter is a negative term, it’s something that comes from the caffeine content in the coffee and is more common in a darker roast. Acidity however is present in well extracted coffee and can be reminiscent of fruits or even wine. This was a well extracted coffee and incredibly enjoyable.IMG_9046Our first dish was a chilled chia, quinoa and berry pudding, served with a saffron poached pear, baked rhubarb, spiced nuts and a homemade coconut yogurt. This dish looks light, but is actually incredibly filling. The cold breakfast is refreshing and leaves you feeling energised and healthy. It’s also one of the cheaper selection on the menu at $13.90.IMG_9051Finally, the ridiculous, banana bread with every kind of coffee topping you could ever imagine. The banana bread was moist and hot, it had a great banana flavour and a slight sweetness, perfect to carry the flavour. The coffee cream cheese was deliciously light and creamy, and the coffee bean praline had a delightful crunch. There was also a light espresso anglaise, and poached quince. Altogether the dish was a wonderful way to celebrate both coffee and breakfast and we would wholeheartedly recommend it. 

Code Black is a modern and edgy eatery where the coffee is the star, it is well worth a trip to Brunswick! 

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