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Sugar & Nice


Goodbyes are hard things to do, especially when you’re moving to the other side of the country, but even sad things feel a little better with cake and pretty things and Sugar and Nice boast both of these.


Their counter was awash with beautiful and delicious things. Bagels and sweet treats to delight the senses.


Not to mention childhood nostalgia. I truly cannot remember the last time I saw those sherbet ice cream cones and don’t even get me started on how wonderful fizzers and sherbies are!



Did we mention they also have a retail section? It’s full of pretty pastels, delicate crockery and some quirky oddities and jewellery.


The cafe was very busy, a mix of people young and old enjoying a variety of the cafes delights and we were lucky to get a table. The yellow chevron wall was a beautiful accent, dragging your attention from the overflowing treats counter opposite.


We started with some iced chocolate and coffee, perfect for the stinking hot Perth summer day. What made us really happy was the use of coffee ice cubes, preventing dilution of your beverage. The ice chocolate was thick and flavourful. 

Our sweet treats arrived at the table in a glorious procession, we went a little overboard but couldn’t help ourselves. It’s better to get a little taste of everything!

IMG_8969  Our first treat was the mini jam donut with a delectable raspberry curd, soft and delicious donut and sugary coating. 


We also tried to Hummingbird cupcake. A hummingbird cake is an originally Jamaican recipe characterised by banana and pineapple flavours. The cupcake was beautiful, coated in a cream cheese icing, moist and light with a mellow, banana flavour. The bird on top was literally the icing on the cake!


If you’re as crazy as we are about cronuts Sugar & Nice has something you’re going to want to try, the cronut with raspberry curd, Oreo crumb, chocolate topping and a blackberry meringue kiss! The flavours were delicious, there were lots of different things but they all worked together. It was sweet, but not too sweet with a rich chocolate and the cronut was crisp and flaky, the perfect blend between croissant and donut! It too was beautifully presented. 


Finally we tried the fudge peanut butter brownie. This was as decadent as it sounds – rich indulgent chocolate dominating the flavour with a peanut swirl and a nutty, textural hit. This is one to share, or if you’re brave to finish all to yourself!

We adored Sugar & Nice and would recommend as a perfect location for any occasion requiring sweet treats, or just because you can!

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