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Manic Espresso Como


On a quiet street in the heart of Como you’ll find Manic Espresso. On a Sunday morning it holds the early birds sitting with their paper and fur children out the front and more serious diners as you head indoors.


Inside is open, light and airy. The cafe is a bit modern, a mix of wood and dark tones with flowers and art that really stand out.


You’ll need to wander over to the counter to make and pay for your order and here’s water to serve yourself should you desire it.


We ordered our usual lattes but really didn’t enjoy the coffee. It was burnt and not very nice so instead of dwelling we’re going to move straight on to the food.


First up was the cluck and the pig, a bacon and egg breakfast burger. It had the things you look for in a breakfast burger, bacon, eggs, mayo and a bit of greenery to make you feel it’s healthy! While this was tasty, it was exactly as you would expect and nothing more. If you want a safe, standard breakfast you will be happy.


Sometimes little things can make you very happy. Myself, and I’m sure many others remember nutella as that wonderful ‘treat’ spread from childhood. To have it on toast was special, but when I saw that it was available, with cream, on pancakes the child inside me was jumping for joy. I had tossed up between this and the banana bread as I wanted something light and cheap but the child in me won out and I went for the simpler dish. It delivered what it promised, two small but nice and fluffy pancakes with a generous smear of nutella and a dollop of cream. Part of me wishes I went for the more complex dish, but there’s no doubt that this was enjoyable.

Manic Espresso are a nice suburban cafe, and good for a relaxing visit if you’re on a stroll through the neighborhood but there are better places to be found if you’re looking for something special.

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  1. Neenish Tart says

    Shame about the coffee – this is our local and we’ve never had a bad one from Manic, plus the staff are so friendly and efficient. I’ve never tried the Nutella pancakes, but you’ve sold me!

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