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Banh Mi at Boss Mama


When you work in the CBD you are always on the hunt for good coffee and quick lunches. On the west end of town in particular there are less places to go, however this has been steadily improving in recent years.

One of the newer venues is Mama Trans on Milligan st, and you’ll find Boss Mama as an inconspicuous little window with counter and coffee machine just inside their doors. For those familiar with Mount Lawley, this is another spinoff of Bossman, a little coffee and light eats venue in an arcade on Beaufort st.

Boss Mama are quick building a reputation for their $12 Banh Mi and coffee deal, and there’s often disappointment in the mid day rush when they’ve already sold out their counters worth.

If you’ve missed the memo, Banh Mi is one of the hotter food trends right now. It’s a French-Vietnamese fusion baguette filled with ingredients like pork, coriander, chilli, fish sauce, pickled veggies and pate. Banh Mi is a sandwich, but it’s not like any other sandwich you’ve tried before.


Before we get too carried away with the Banh Mi, the great thing about Boss Mama is their coffee. For $12 you can pick up both a banh mi and your lunch time pick me up. The coffees here are smooth, creamy and mellow, not on the edge like Cafe Vinyl just round the corner. Plus the guys who make the coffee are friendly, learn your name and order and always have a smile. It’s obvious they care about you, and they care about your coffee.


Onto the Banh mi, this was a sandwich with a kick. The first bite revealed a crunchy, crisp crust with soft fresh bread inside. There was a spicy kick, but a sweetness coming through the sauce and pork. I found the balance of salad, meat and sauce to be perfect and the flavours, tried and tested, perfect together, spicy, sweet, fresh.

This is a great deal and if you’re in the area you should definitely check it out!

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